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For Mizar Wireless Controller PS4

If you encounter difficulties to connect the Mizar PS4 controller to your PC device, please click the link below and follow the instructions.

Troubleshooting for Mizar PS4 controller connection Issues to PC


Scenario 1 – Bluetooth Connectivity

After a successful initial connection between the controller and the PC, if the controller is unable to be detected in the Bluetooth list during subsequent attempts, restarting the controller is necessary for reconnection.


Scenario 2 – Successful Bluetooth Connection to PC

When the controller is in D-Input mode, the buttons might not function unless the game is launched on the PC (Default mode: D-Input).


By switching the controller to X-Input, it will immediately function upon connection to the PC, even without the game being open.


Switch to X-Input Mode

To switch to X-Input mode, press and hold the Home button for 3-5 seconds. Please note that the controller can only be switched to X-Input via cable and not through Bluetooth.


For testing the controller's button functions, you can visit this link: HardwareTester - Gamepad Testing


If all buttons are confirmed to be working properly during the test, the controller is functioning as intended. It's important to highlight that this controller is designed for PS4. For PC compatibility, if the controller doesn't respond, users should double-check whether the games they are playing support gamepad functionality.

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